Fun and Fit: Q and A with K and A

Muffin top or topless?

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra

Q: Why does my clingy, sexy workout wear that I bought ten years ago suddenly look like @@^%@ on me?

Signed, Muffin-top, San Diego, CA

Dear Muffin-Top:

A: The answer lies in your signature. No one looks good in clingy wear with 10 years’ worth of snacks hanging out. You need to put on your baggy sweats and get on a treadmill. Hang your cute workout clothes on a hanger in front of the treadmill for inspiration. Start walking and stop eating those muffins.

K: To put it another way, cut back on the batter that fills those muffin cups! Take a photo of your clingy, sexy workout wear and post it on the refrigerator or above the stove, If you eat out often, wrap the photo around your credit card so you can stay focused when ordering a meal away from home. But frankly, what I would do is buy some new gear that simply hides my muffin top (not saying I have one, mind you!!). After 10 years with the same stuff, you deserve something new, looser, and more figure flattering.

A: Now that I think about it, I believe your muffin-tops are only half the problem. The other reason your clingy stuff looks like (edited for family reasons) “doo-doo” is that it is out of style. All of your stuff from ten years ago is so…2000. As in “Turn of the Century.”


4 Responses to "Muffin top or topless?"

LOL! I definitely go for the looser fit option these days. No reason to call any more attention than necessary to my curves.

I like your advice about putting a photo around my credit card. That would be inspiration not to over order at a restaurant.

lol get on the treadmill and get rid of the muffin top is more might thing! But looser clothes are a good option for while you are getting rid of it 🙂

Dear Denise and Irina0411- Glad you got to laugh plus share your strategies. Thanks everly so for the comments. Now quit typing and get on that treadmill or go shopping for something cute and loose! Gotta go- snacks are calling……

Very funny…and waaaay to true! I guess this means I’ll need to move from hanging the ironing ON the treadmill to hanging some spandex IN FRONT of the treadmill!

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