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Pill in place of exercise?

Posted on: April 30, 2010

If you could take a pill that would give you your ideal body, who would still workout, exercise, be active? Why/ Why Not? “Fess up tweeps


11 Responses to "Pill in place of exercise?"

Nah. I wouldn’t. I am an ectomorph. The proviso, though, would have to be that the bod would stay that way, not counting normal aging. I must be dreaming.

Hmm, lucky you! Maybe we should call this the “Dorian Gray Fitness Pill.” Please continue to dream…. of Fun and Fit!

Interesting question. That would depend on the side-effects I guess. Or, the price of the pills. 🙂

You rock SherwinRocks! Let’s say the pill was free, tasty (not some veggie, low cal, unfulfilling taste mind you), with no side effects – just a fit, fab bod. Would you still want to exercise?

I gotta “Pass On The Pill ladies. I mean, it’s bad enough i hardly get any free time outdoors as it is. Plus, working out gives me that “um sooooo strong” (Arnold voice) kinda feelin, that boost my self esteem like no pill ever could. Keep the pill. Gimme the thrill 🙂

Hell yeah I would take it. I’d also take the cooking pill, the carpooling pill, the catbox-cleaning pill, and the makeup/hair pill. Substitute a pill for the above and I’d have time to do absolutely nothing.

Dear Glamorgal:

More accurately, you would have time to read our posts and take our advice. I like where you are going with this.

Still would do it when there was good music involved. Don’t get to club enough because SB sucks. Court of last resort – turn the watts up and boogie in the kitchen.

Honey, I would take the pill along with a pack of donuts!

I think a couple of you need to meet up in the donut shop and wash this magic pill down with decaf. The rest of us will be out exercising and getting that natural high that makes active people seem like they’re on caffeine! Of course, we do try to avoid the dreaded “perky.”

Though I am finding it hard to make time for exercise, I know that when I do get back in shape, I will feel a great deal of satisfaction. I don’t think I would want such a pill. The joy is in the journey, in my humble and completely insane opinion.

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