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What song title describes you?

Posted on: May 11, 2010

What song title bespeaks your fitness status? I’d like to claim “She’s a Brick House.” … but I’d be lying. What’s your autobio song title?


2 Responses to "What song title describes you?"

I am just starting to get back into shape, so I guess I would have to say, the little known Rat Pack song, “You middle aged loser, shut off the computer and get off your butt once in a while.” I believe it was the b side of ‘Ain’t Gonna Try Anymore’. Gotta love old Dean Martin.

Ok, back to the Wii.

Dear Brian who is faking us out by using his real name and not his better known moniker:

1) We know who you are and how to get you to the Wii.
2) Losers would not be at this blog. Only winners, so that elevates the song and you to “You youthful looking winnah” and
3) Ain’t Gonna Try No More is a great theme song selection and worthy of you!

Oops, we hear the computer calling….Thanks for the comment.

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