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Fun and Fit are twins, fitness experts, and self-proclaimed humorists, Kymberly and Alexandra.

Alexandra’s Bio Blast Off

Alexandra Williams, MA

In the eight minutes that Alexandra had to herself before Kymberly was born, she got her university degree, had two children, got married (not in that order), built a log cabin….by herself….in the wilds of Minnesota….with just a plastic knife. More likely, she probably cried solid for the entire eight minutes, “Waaaaah, Mom always liked you best.”

As a red-headed, freckly, straight-A, flat-chested, glasses-wearing identical twin, Alexandra has always had an easy time of it, especially in junior high, when all those differences really helped her blend in. Luckily, she had oily teenage skin to keep her from getting too taken with herself. However, being a twin had its advantages, and figuring out what those are is part of her bucket list.

One day, Kymberly called Alexandra with a great idea. “Say, let’s both teach aerobics (that’s what it was called then) in Berlin.” Raised by a mom who taught modern dance, Alexanda thought it sounded like a capital idea, especially as she almost got an A in basic German. And that is how the twins’ fitness careers began. Instead of being known as “the twins,” they were now known as “the twins who teach exercise and only one of them speaks German.” But mostly they went by their nicknames, Tweedledee and Tweedledeelightful.

Teaching fitness was fun, and still is, yet Alexandra discovered that she yearned to do more, so she went to graduate school and got her Master’s degree in counseling, nursing each of her two boys at the start and end of the degree program. That was fun, really. No, really. Then she went right back to teaching fitness classes. And yet she still yearned to do more so she started writing health and fitness articles. Eventually, someone found her whimpering on the doorstep, query letters in hand, and started paying her. That kind of behavior has been going on now for quite a few years. The paying, not the whimpering. Okay, the whimpering too, but only because she has two teenagers at home.

Because Alexandra has the ability to make people laugh, even though she is fully clothed, she also started writing in a humorous vein. You are free to disagree –her family will still love her. She hopes.

She is a really good editor too. How can you believe that? Well, that sentence just to the left used to say, “she is a fairly okay editor,” until Alexandra corrected it and made it a lot more accurate. Not only that, but she gets to go to interesting conventions and write blogs and articles about them. Here’s one now, if you are into samples of her work: Feel free to enquire about Alexandra’s rates, especially if the convention is about any aspect of fitness, wellness, sustainability/green living, or popular culture (okay, she just likes anything with the word “popular” in it). You can also enquire about her editing fees, but if it’s last minute, her rates go up in direct proportion to the level of stress.

Some cool and interesting facts about Alexandra:

Absolutely Nothing

Oh, that’s not fair. She went to a dessert party last weekend and left some for others. Not interesting, perhaps, but very super cool.

* Has presented at national and international fitness conventions

* Really is an editor and writer

* Has an undergrad degree in Medieval European History, which made her, according to her dad, eligible to work for the government.

*Graduate degree actually is in Counseling

* Teaches in the Exercise Science, Sports & Recreation department for the University of California (which campus is a mystery, but she’ll keep showing up if they keep paying her)

* Kymberly and Alexandra presented fitness topics on a weekly television program in Berlin. Are you aware how long 30 seconds is if you’ve run out of stamina?

* Judge for aerobic national championships in the US and Venezuela

* Is smarter, better-looking, kinder, funnier and a better driver than Kymberly

* Modest

Kymberly’s Puff Piece

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

Kymberly is officially the younger twin and looks every minute of it! She has taught fitness on four continents in four languages for many, oodles, too many to enumerate, a few years. Her fitness career spans land, sea, and airwaves. Come to think of it, her writing and speaking career has done the same. From hosting a fitness tv program to serving as grammar expert on a live local news show, Kymberly has taught, led, moved and grooved with energy and good grammar. (By the way, you would be surprised how many emergency grammar questions are out there needing immediate supervision).

Physically Phit Stuph

On the fitness side of life, Kymberly got her start at the first aerobics studio on the European continent. She had so much fun her two years in Berlin (lots of Spass und Froh-licking about), she put herself through graduate school once back in the States by continuing her aerobics career. One thing led to another, and she grapevined her way to writing fitness articles, presenting workshops, teaching aboard a cruise ship, and traveling the world teaching teachers. Hey, google her if you want to see some of her work. You’ll find juicy scoop on fitness, soccer, coaching, writing, and “Top 10 Questions Twins Get Asked the Most Over and Over All the Time.”  Well, you won’t find the last article, but that’s not a bad idea for one, eh?

Somehow in all that excitement, she managed to get married and have a daughter.  But darn, if getting back in shape after giving birth didn’t mean she had to do something drastic, like start competing in the National Aerobic Championships.  Which she did. And she won the Regional Gold a few times. But never the Nationals. Ummm, moving on…..

Next up in Kymberly’s fitness career was a ten year stint as a faculty member at University California, Santa Barbara in the Dept of Exercise and Sport Studies. As Academic Advisor for the Fitness Instruction Minor, she trained university students to become both personal trainers and group fitness instructors, and ran the on-campus fitness program. IDEA, the International Association for Health and Fitness Professionals tapped her to serve as the inaugural editor for “Fitness Edge,” a publication devoted solely to group exercise leaders. Finally she knew enough people in the exercise world that she became a three time nominee and finalist for IDEA’s Program Director of the Year award.

Kymberly currently retains her “fun size” status leading group classes locally and coaching high school soccer, where she can mingle and go incognito. Or go into the gym and show the cardio equipment who’s boss. Or plunk her hiney at the computer and tell other people how to achieve heart rate greatness.

The Write Stuph

Whilst working the body, Kymberly also worked the mind attaining a Master’s Degree in English. (Which must have been successful to be able to insert a word like “whilst.”)  Actually, she completed all her PhD coursework, but never quite got around to completing her dissertation which just proves that she really is not an overachiever. Her true specialty was conducting business writing seminars and helping professionals write better and speak better and teaching supervisors how to edit their employees’ documents and avoid common business writing mistakes such as run on sentences and unclear communication. Impressed? You can hire her to come to your place and wrangle better business writing out of your colleagues and underlings. With no run ons. Or fragments. Just direct, effective business writing designed to get action. And Kymberly is all about action.

Nowadays she loves leaping to conclusions, jumping on the bandwagon, and exercising her free will.


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